PTHS Students Attend Career Speakers

Ms. Kathy Kelly-Garris’s Media & Literacy classes at Penn-Trafford High School wrapped up this year’s series of career speakers in early May.  Community members and alumni were tapped to give career presentations to any high school students who wished to attend.  

“All of the speakers were eager to donate their time to help our students learn about possible careers,” commented Ms. Kelly-Garris.  “Some of them even told me that they wish they would have had this opportunity as a student because they see the high value in this experience. I am grateful that they shared their knowledge and wisdom with our students in order to help them decide on a future career”. 

This year’s presenters were:

Will Smith (Digital Marketing)

Lindy Sgambati (Real Estate)

Lori Gast (Franchise Owner)

Bobby Long (Auto Dealership General Manager)

Amy Schroppn(Child Care Center Manager)

John Pastorek (Pharmacist)

Christine Rapp (Physical Therapist)

Ed Grant (EMT/ Paramedic)

David Stager (Robotics Engineer)

Brian McBarron (Software Engineer)

Richelle Lehman (Hospital Pharmacist)

Beth Patterson & Jennifer Martino Bayada (Nurses)

Ryan Dansak (Attorney)

SSgt. Grantham (US Air Force)

Lance Laspina (Storyboard Artist)

Kelsey Shields (Research & Design)

Bernadette Sherman, DNP (Nurse Practitioner)

Heather Ambrose, DNP (Director of Nursing)

Matt Bartling (Construction)

Cara Biskup (Information Technology)

Chris Bozich (Laser Technology)

Arienne Simon, PhD. (Chemist)

Raymond Orloski (Geologist)

Dr. John Carosso (Psychologist)

Jill Brallier (Elementary Teacher)

Gabe Doman (3D Printer & Sales)

Jim Matarazzo (Business & Sales)

Michelle Dolney (Nurse Practitioner)

Dr. Thomas Shaw (Dentist)

Maranie Staab (Photojournalist)

Rege Garris (US Supreme Court Police)

Meridith Paterson (Registered Dietitian)

Petty Officer Johnathan Grantham (Naval Engineer)

Staff Sergeant James Cormier (US Air Force)

Elaine Patalski (Nursing Educator)


Elaine Patalski Nursing Educator

Elaine Patalski Nursing Educator


Dr. Arienne Simon, Chemist

Dr. Arienne Simon, Chemist


Brian McBarron Software Engineer

Brian McBarron Software Engineer


Heather Ambrose, DNP, RN

Heather Ambrose, DNP, RN


Richelle Lehman, AHN Pharmacist

Richelle Lehman, AHN Pharmacist