Noble Warrior Winners 2020-2021

We would like to congratulate all of the Noble Warrior Winners for 2020-2021.

Semester 1 (Click here for our video presentation) Semester 2 (Click here for our video presentation)
Courtney Kravtz---Ms. Debone(Art)  Eva Lichty---Mrs. Christeleit (Art) 
Jason Kiehl--Mr. Zimmer (Business) Nick Dolney--Ms. Stefkovich  (Business)
Madison Suman---Mrs. Popovich (CAP/Nursing) Mackenzie Powell ---Mrs. Popovich (CAP/Nursing)
Dylan Noschese ---Mrs. Harris  (English) Mary Rose Kleinschmidt, Zara Tommaney, Lena Yuhas---Mr. Wawrzeniak (English)
Morgan Casper ---Mrs.Cuccaro (FCS) Madison Rapp ---Mrs. Siniawski (FCS)
Dasia Tharp ---Mr. Owen (Guidance) Brooke Banda --- Ms. Sutmire (Guidance)
Lillian Momyer--- Mrs. Bartko (Math) Natalie Rebstock--- Mrs. Hack (Math)
Erica Reger--Mr. Cornelius (Music) Sarah Winchell --Mr. Fox (Music)
Nicholas Schmitt--Mr. Golden (Phys.Ed) Aiden McDonough--Mr. McFarland  (Phys.Ed)
Oliver Burtch---Mrs Henney(Science) Ryan Crombie---Mr. Konopka (Science)
Allison Prady---Mrs. Smith. (Social Studies) Marco DeLisi---Mr. Farbarik/Mr. Davis (Social Studies)
Taylor Casavant--Mr. Romeo (Tech. Ed.) Ryan Kelly-Mr. Crompton (Tech. Ed.)
Emma Highlands---Mrs. Rizzardi (World Languages) Delcan Mooney--Mr. Bujakowski (Video)
  Nicholas Freilino---Mrs. Alba (World Languages)


SAFE2SAY Helpline

Penn-Trafford School District is implementing a Safe School Helpline to help prevent threats and dangers to the school community. Safe2Say helpline is designed to assist you in reporting any wrongdoing that impacts our schools, our students or our staff – anonymously, so as to protect your privacy. For example, you may wish to report acts of violence, potential threats, bullying, harassment, theft, drugs, weapons, or any other dangers that may cause harm. 


If you see something, say something! The Safe2Say Helpline is a convenient, confidential way for anyone to report information about situations that might affect safety at our school. You can contact Safe2Say any time of the day or night to report concerns.

 In order to utilize Safe2Say Helpline to submit an anonymous tip, you can do one of the following:

  1. Need to use the following website: 
  2. Call 1-844-SAF2SAY. The message is anonymous. The Safe2Say Helpline team triage your message and notify school officials, so appropriate action can be taken.
  3. Use the mobile app.  It is available for Apple and Android devices.


Thank you for your continued support to provide a better education for all students in Penn Trafford School District. If you have any questions about the Safe2Say Helpline, please contact the school or the administration building. 


Safe2Say Parent Brochure.pdf  

Safe2Say Parent Letter.pdf