Penn-Trafford Names November “Students of the Month”

The Penn-Trafford School Board and Administration are pleased to announce the November 2021 ‘Student of the Month’ selections.  Students were selected by their school principals for being exceptional in some way...whether for earning top grades, showing strong leadership, exhibiting kindness, or for some other notable reason.  


Adalina Ament is a 2nd-grade student at McCullough Elementary School and has been selected as the school’s Student of the Month.  She enjoys reading and playing the piano during her free time.  Adalina’s teachers agree that she is an exceptional student who is always putting others before herself.  She pays close attention to academic material and strives to learn all that she can in the classroom. It is not out of the ordinary for her to be the first to help someone clean up or to remind a classmate to make sure that they have everything in their homework folder.

“Adalina’s positive attitude, kindness and dedication to do her best are sure to make her a success in whatever she undertakes,” commented Principal Joe Marasti.  “Her future is bright and full of potential, which makes her the perfect student for this award.”

Congratulations, Adalina!


Annabelle Aquino is an 8th grader at Penn Middle School.  She is a 4.0 student and participates in morning announcement crew, basketball, cross country, and track.  Her family, peers and teachers all agree that Annabelle is extremely kind and thoughtful towards others.  Her humble personality allows her to look for opportunities to make people feel important, elevating those in her presence. 


Annabelle is an excellent student who works to her greatest potential for every assignment, project, and activity,” says one of her teachers.  Another comments, “She brings her best every day and as a result, her classmates bring their best too.  She brings happiness and 110% to everyone and everything around her.”  Another teacher notes Annabelle’s fun side, “Annabelle has a great sense of humor and I always enjoy her knock-knock jokes.”

Penn Middle School is proud to have Annabelle as the Student of the Month.


Congratulations, Annabelle!




Jack Jollie is a 12th grader at Penn-Trafford High School.  The 6’1” 210 lb senior linebacker/tight end decided for his senior year that he would turn what he does on the football field into new bulletproof vests for the Penn Township Police department.  Through his website,, Jack collects sponsors -  $1 per tackle.  


“Jack is a leader, he is gracious and humble, and he was genuinely shocked and thankful when I told him that I chose him for this honor,” commented assistant principal, Dr. Amy Horvat. “His academic record is stellar, and he is a positive role model in the building that our underclassmen look up to.”  Dr. Horvat’s praise is echoed by staff across the school.  Mr. Edgerly, Jack’s social studies teacher, said “Jack has been a pleasure to have in class over the past two years. He is attentive, conversant, participative, courteous, etc. while maintaining fine grades....ever deserving of the recognition.”

Head Football Coach, John Ruane, stated that “Jack Jollie is the epitome of student-athlete.  In Jack, his teammates see someone every day who is accountable for everything he does, someone who never makes an excuse, and someone who handles himself with the utmost character.  Jack always seems to do the right thing, whether or not anyone is looking.”

Congratulations, Jack!