Penn-Trafford Names October “Students of the Month”

The Penn-Trafford School Board and Administration are pleased to announce the October 2021 ‘Student of the Month’ selections.  Students were selected by their school principals for being exceptional in some way...whether for earning top grades, showing strong leadership, exhibiting kindness, or for some other notable reason.  


Annabelle Mason is a 5th-grade student at Harrison Park Elementary School and has been selected as the school’s Student of the Month.  School staff agrees that Annabelle is a very sweet young lady who greets her peers and teachers each morning with a smile and kind words.  Annabelle is a friend to all and offers a helping hand to any student or teacher in need.  Her teachers can always count on her to do the right thing whether they are watching or not.  Annabelle actively participates in class and consistently puts forth her best effort on her assignments.  She is fully engaged and excited about her learning.


“Selfless, caring, and hardworking are just a few words to describe Annabelle,” says Principal Jeff Swartz.  “We are proud to have her represent our school as our Student of the Month.”


Congratulations, Annabelle!


Annabelle Mason with her teachers


Nathan Lazeration is an 8th grader at Trafford Middle School.  Mr. Roger Sullivan, the school’s principal, selected Nathan for this honor because of his hard work in the classroom and his deep kindness and concern for others.  


The consensus of Nathan’s teachers is that he is a fantastic kid, and deserving of this award.  One of his classroom teachers commented, “Nathan is respectful, has a great work ethic, asks great questions, is interested in learning, and is an all-around wonderful young man.”  Another teacher added, “He is remarkably responsible and advocates in the most polite and considerate ways. He always does his best and puts his whole effort into everything. He is driven to learn everything set before him, and he doesn't rest until he has fully comprehended new concepts.”


Congratulations, Nathan!


Nathan Lazeration with principal Mr. Sullivan




Daniel Tarabrella is an 11th grader at Penn-Trafford High School.  Dr. Greg Capoccioni, Assistant Principal, chose Daniel as the school’s Student of the Month because of his strong academics and his extraordinary character.  A poll of Daniel’s teachers garnered incredible praise for this young man.  


English teacher, Mrs. Spada, stated, “Dan treats every student with respect.  When asked to work with another student, he is always kind and considerate.”  Mrs. Fronk, his math teacher, added, “Daniel has a positive attitude about everything he is involved in, from school to football. He wants to build good relationships with those around him because he is a genuine, good-hearted person.”  Spanish teacher, Senor Flynn commented, “Daniel’s hard work, intelligence, and charismatic personality bring so much to my class.”  

Daniel aspires to attend Penn State University and major in either law enforcement or education.

Congratulations, Daniel!


Daniel Tarabrella