PTHS Wraps Up Career Speaker Series (5-19-21)

Ms. Kathy Kelly-Garris’s Media & Literacy classes at Penn-Trafford High School wrapped up this year’s series of career speakers in early May.  Community members and alumni were tapped to give career presentations to any high school students who wished to attend.  Due to COVID restrictions, the speakers participated via video meetings rather than in-person. 

“All of the speakers were eager to donate their time to help our students learn about possible careers,” commented Mrs. Kelly-Garris.  “Some of them even told me that they wish they would have had this opportunity as a student because they see the high value in this experience. I am grateful that they shared their knowledge and wisdom with our students in order to help them decide on a future career”. 

This year’s presenters were:

  • Dylan Cleland - Communications/Journalism Freelancer
  • Caroline Kerestes - Special Education Teacher
  • Toni Ising - Computer Science Engineer
  • Abigail Printz - Physician’s Assistant
  • Laura Kerestes - Elementary Teacher
  • Jamie McLeod - Public Relations/Communications Manager
  • Larry Cooper - Athletic Trainer
  • Ben Walker - Transportation Engineer
  • Nancy McCune - Health Systems Administrator
  • Jacquelyn Seltzer - Supply Chain Manager
  • Kate Dawson - Insurance Agent
  • Steve Ising - Chemical Engineer
  • Steven Fletcher - Pediatric Neurosurgeon
  • Kirra Mediate - Speech Pathologist
  • Rossilynne Skena Culgan - Author
  • Aaronell Matta - Mental Health Counselor/Center Director
  • Brian VanKirk - Real Estate Agent
  • Caroline Lewis - Small Business Owner/Pastry Chef
  • Joseph Lewis - Sustainability Engineer
  • Michael Spena - Mechanical  Engineer
  • James Cormier - Air Force
  • Jennifer Turken - Financial Manager
  • John Sinclair - Manufacturing Manager
  • Lisa Balsamico-Otto - Computer Software Sales
  • Palmer Owen - Fashion Designer
  • Kellie Jennings Owen - Fashion Merchandiser
  • Mackenzie Ball - University Director of Outreach
  • Brian Cavanaugh - Attorney