Penn-Trafford Names May “Students of the Month” (5-4-21)

The Penn-Trafford School Board and Administration are pleased to announce the May 2021 ‘Student of the Month’ selections.  Students are selected by their school principals for being exceptional in some way...whether for earning top grades, showing strong leadership, exhibiting kindness, or for some other notable reason.  




Henry Hayden is a 5th-grade student at McCullough Elementary School.   Henry exemplifies all the qualities that we think of when choosing a student of the month.  He is a model student who works hard on a daily basis.  He consistently puts forth his best effort and takes pride in all of his work.  He is a very polite, caring and respectful young man.  Henry works well with others and always shows kindness and respect for all those he encounters. 


“We are proud to have Henry as our student,” said Principal Joe Marasti, “and it is our pleasure and privilege to select him as McCullough’s Student of the Month.”




Jack Weishaar is an 8th grader at Penn Middle School.  At his age and in today’s world, it is easy to be swayed by negative influences but Jack has remained strong in his core principles.  His relationship with his family, faith, and friends are his main priorities.  Jack’s teachers unanimously praise him for both his commitment to academics and his amazing attitude.  One of Jack’s teachers states, “Jack is a conscientious student and has a positive attitude.  He will always take a leadership role in group learning and lab situations.” Another teacher adds, “Jack is a wonderful young man.  He has led the Student Council through a very difficult school year, always keeping his fellow students in mind making sure we have a positive environment.  He has balanced school, sports, and leadership demonstrating a great example for others to follow.”


Jack’s love for sports is evident as he plays on both the football and basketball teams.  However, he understands the importance of being well-rounded.  When he’s not on the field or court he is a dedicated 4.0 student and serves the school community as the Penn Middle Student Council President.  


According to Principal Jim Simpson, “For these reasons and many others, we are very proud Jack Weishaar was chosen as May Student of the Month!”




The following Penn-Trafford seniors, who will all enter the military after graduation, share the Student-of-the-Month honor at the high school:


Andrew Bliss --- Navy

Hunter Campise --- Merchant Marines Academy

Elizabeth Cermak --- Naval Academy

Jacob Chambers --- Navy

Shawn King --- Navy

Silas Koscho --- Naval Academy

Austin Lankley --- National Guard ROTC

Josh Schneider --- Marines (