Important Prom Information

General Information on Prom 2016
Mr. Moses
Junior Class Sponsor

Dress Code
Under no circumstances will dresses with the following issues be appropriate to wear to prom:
·      Low cut backs
·      Bare midriffs
·      NO material is to be CUT OUT anywhere in the abdomen of the dress
·      High slits
·      Appropriate length (As per school dress code policy)
Violation of any of those listed will result in failure to attend the grand march and the dance.

Restricted List
Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to purchase a ticket while on the restricted list.  All discipline issues must be satisfied prior to the purchase of tickets.

Ticket Information
In April, tickets will be sold during all 3 lunches.  They will not be sold at any other time of the day.  The cost of the tickets is $125 per couple or 62.50 per person.  The following items are required at the time of payment to purchase tickets:

·      Information sheet (Available the week of ticket sales)
·      Outside guest form (Must be under the age of 21 to attend)
·      Photo identification of the outside guest 
(Examples - drivers license, birth certificate or school id)

Tickets are non-refundable once purchased, unless you receive approval from a principal or the junior class sponsor.

** Late tickets (after 5C lunch) will ONLY be sold with the approval of the prom sponsor or an administrator due to extenuating circumstances. Tickets purchased after the last day of sales will be charged an additional $25 per person or $50 per couple.  **


Commencement Photos

Celebrate Your Achievement
Honor Your Graduation With Commencement Portraits
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Congratulations Warrior Staff

Congratulations to our Warrior staff members who won Best in Category awards at the DMAC conference at Robert Morris yesterday:

Juniors Jake Santo, Dylan Cleland, and Michael Sciulli won Best Sports Article for their story on the boys basketball playoff game vs. Plum:

Freshman, Quincey Reese won Best Feature Article for her story on Kim Stefkovich’s t-shirt project benefitting Andrew’s Avengers:

High School Commermorative Tile

High School Commemorative Tiles
The Penn-Trafford School District is offering a very unique opportunity for families, students, clubs,
teams, organizations, and community groups! We are offering personalized commemorative tiles
for purchase that will be permantently displayed in two of the renovation phases at the high school;
the athletic annex and the auditorium entrance.
Each tile will be 6 x 6 inch squares with full color designs and personalization. Each tile will be $100.
Logos are available for sports, music related items, special interests, as well as the Warrior Head,
the warrior shield, and arrow. If you have a specific company logo that you’d like to use, please
provide a vector image of the logo (.eps, .pdf, .ai).
Order Form

Books For Sale

Search on Amazon "Rising Above" by Natalie Quaglieri and Caleb Frye
Books for Sale - All proceeds benefit Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh's Cancer Research
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Noble Warrior 2015-16

Noble Warriors 2015-16

Noble Warrior 3rd Quartile

 Noble Warriors 2nd Quartile

Noble Warriors 1st Quartile

Penn-Trafford Student Parking Information

Student parking at Penn-Trafford High School is a privilege, and is offered only to seniors, during construction. Applications can be found on the Penn-Trafford Athletic Website or can be picked up in the High School Main Office starting on Monday, August 3rd.  A lottery will be held for senior applicants that submit their information by the Monday, August 10th deadline. Lottery results will be posted at the Main Office entrance on Monday, August 17th by 7:00 am. There will be approximately 50 upper lot parking spots, which will cost $75.00. Those will be given to those names picked 1–50. The remaining spots will cost $50.00 at the Warrior Center Lot. Shuttles will run daily, 7:05, 7:10 and 7:15 am. If you miss the shuttle you must walk up to the school. No exceptions will be made. There will be a shuttle after school to take students back to the Warrior Center Lot.

Illegal parking by underclassmen will result in loss of eligibility for a parking pass for the following school year. Current students who park illegally without a pass will face school discipline (please refer to the handbook).


Upcoming Events

Friday, April 29
Mock Accident
Saturday, April 30
Band Concert
7:00 pm
Friday, May 6
No School - Act 80 Day

Thursday, May 12
Scholarship Recognition Night
6:30 pm
PTHS Auditorium

Grading Periods/Report Cards

End of 1st 9 weeks:  October 29, 2015
Progress notices:  September 29, 2015
Report cards:  November 6, 2015

End of 2nd 9 weeks:  January 15, 2016
Progress notices:  December 7, 2015
Report cards:  January 22, 2016

End of 3rd 9 weeks:  March 21, 2016
Progress notices:  February 18, 2016
Report cards:  April 1, 2016

End of 4th 9 weeks:  May 27, 2016
Progress notices:  April 27, 2016
Report cards:  June 2, 2016

Community Service

Community Service Reminder

This is a reminder that 30 hours of Community Service is a graduation requirement. Community Service will be given for voluntary activities that help others or are beneficial to the community. Students earn credit for hours spent participating in the actual activity, not for meeting and planning. Participation in athletics, band, chorus and drama are not eligible for community service credit. Attached is a letter of explanation of the Community Service Credits. We have had 100% participation from every graduating class at Penn-Trafford. Many of our students have already completed this requirement and have turned in their forms to the Guidance Office. Your son/daughter should take advantage of this during the summer months to complete their community service, download and return the COMMUNITY SERVICE FORM.


Dual Enrollment Information and Forms

Please click on the links below for information regarding Dual Enrollment
LaRoche College

Mount Aloyisus College
Pennsylvania Highlands Community College
Seton Hill College

Dual Enrollment Official Transcripts

Dual Enrollment Official Transcripts

To receive an official college transcript click on the links below.  There may be costs associated.  For additional information please contact the institution directly.

LaRoche College
Note: If you need your Student ID number please contact the Registrar's Office at 412-536-1079 or the Penn-Trafford High School at 724-744-4471 or 724-744-4425.

Seton Hill University

Mt. Aloysius College 

Note: If you need your Student ID number please contact the Registrar's Office at 814-886-6400 or the Penn-Trafford High School at 724-744-4471 or 724-744-4425.

University of Pittsburgh


  College Calculus Testing Information

Letter To Parents

Placement Testing for College Calculus

Cartooning Class Offered at PTHS 
June 13 - June 17

Food For Kids

Back to school shopping? As you back to school shop, please consider purchasing a gift card to Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, or Giant Eagle or food to donate to the “Backpacks-to-go program. “

As a reminder, the “Backpacks-to-Go” Program is a supplemental nutrition program that was piloted in the Penn-Trafford School District in April 2014 and went district-wide in the 2014-2015 school year. Through the “Backpacks-to-Go” program, we provide a backpack filled with easy-to-prepare meals and snacks for weekends to our children. This program was developed in response to ongoing student needs with no weekend access to the school breakfast and/or lunch program. This program will continue district-wide for the 2015-2016 school year.


Bus Rosters

The new schedules are now listed on this website.  Please click on the bus roster links to see the 2015-16 school year.

Bus Rosters

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