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Mr. Lynn's Civics and Government

Civics and Government Course Overview:

This course is designed to teach students about the main aspects of the United States government and its processes in order to make each student into a socially responsible citizen. Also, it is designed to enhance other educational skills that can be valuable towards continuing education.


Each student will be able to do the following:

1. Evaluate the necessity and purpose of government and its history to the United States
2. Understand and describe the main components of the United States government
3. Demonstrate knowledge of the political processes of the United States
4. Understand and debate key political issues
5. Use contemporary examples to provide meaning to the concepts of government
6. Understand the functions of State, County, and Local government.
7. Create their own contemporary understanding of civics and government in the United States
8. Apply the skills needed to become a member of society with the ability to participate in governmental processes.