Maureen Harris » Welcome


Welcome to English I, II, III, IV.  I am so happy that you are in my class.  This is my 30th year of teaching. I have a BSED from Clarion University in Secondary Education English and a MSED from Loyola University in Developmental Reading.  


The goal of this course is to help students refine their fundamental reading, writing skills, and conventions of the English language as well as assist them with their comprehension of texts from various genres.  Reading comprehension strategies and multiple genres will also be taught, ensuring overall success in other subject areas.  Students will be given every opportunity to become successful regarding the novels we read in class as well as any assignment that they are given.  Through all of these learning experiences, it is expected that students will be better thinkers, readers, and writers by the end of the school year.    


I am here to assist and support you throughout the year.  My goal is for you to be successful. Please reach out to me at any time, and I will help problem solve, clear up misunderstandings, direct you in the right direction.